India's Animation Sectors

India's computer animation sector is seeing a major growth. International entertainment leaders are Wally Disney, Max and Sony are increasingly freelancing cartoon characters and effects to Indian. Other companies are freelancing computer animation from Indian for advertisements and video games.

Indian has a vast base of British speaking workforce: Movement needs information about the British language, benefits when the work is contracted to Indian. Movement companies in the country are also creating experienced human resources for the animation market through various training developers.

In this situation, India's advantage of low manufacturing costs be a advantage to the household movement industry," said Maggie Dean, Sony models Pictures' head of family enjoyment team and a advisory to various movement companies in the US, during a latest Indian visit.

Professionals say the future of movement in Indian is shiny. "India has great experiences, excellent animated figures from mythologies, excellent performers and specialists. Above all, we offer a aggressive price are

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